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This is a 30-day, web-based, coaching plan, developed by nationally recognized fitness expert, Michael Wood, CSCS. Michael, twice named one of the "Top 100 Trainers in America" by Men's Journal, utilizes his 30-years of coaching experience to guide you through his science-based, 6-step TBC30 Plan. He will work with you on an individual basis to help you reach your health and fitness goals safely and effectively.

Download the TBC30 Plan ebook Now

If you already have training experience and want to follow the TBC30 Plan on your own, then download a copy of the easy to follow plan. The ebook, which is featured on Amazon, includes Michael's 6-step game plan, a baseline and follow-up fitness assessment, the TBC30 exercise plan and eight science-based nutritional strategies. This unique plan was originally published, under an earlier version of the program, in the National Strength and Conditioning Journal (23:2, 30-33, 2001).

Order the TBC30 Plan Paperback from Amazon

Looking for a thoughtful stocking stuffer for family members or a Christmas gift for friends? Send them a gift-wrapped copy of the 90-page TBC30 Plan paperback now sold on Amazon.  The well-received book includes Michael's 6-step game plan, a baseline and follow-up fitness assessment, an exercise program and eight science-based nutritional strategies. This unique plan, validated by results, is ideal for both the novice and experienced exerciser alike.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Michael is the Bill Belichek of personal trainers: smart, tough, a scientist, a motivator, a demanding friend who, as David Mamet says, knows 600 muscles, ligaments and joints in your body on a first name basis. Michael addresses your mind, body and spirit. He will make you stronger, and he will make you a happier person.”

Chris Lydon, Radio personality, writer @opensourceradio

“Mike Wood made me a tight-ass!”

Lindsay Crouse, two-time Oscar-nominated actress

"One of the very best in his field."

Miriam Nelson, Ph.D, Best Selling Author, Strong Women series

"The knowledge and techniques used by Mr. Wood are on the cutting edge."

Owner, Khalsa Chiropractic, Cambridge, MA. On staff with the Boston Red Sox & New England Patriots

Our Book, The TBC30 Plan, is Now on Amazon

Download the eBook or buy the paperback version

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