Fitness Tips for the Baby Boomer

dixiedavidstanduppaddleMy 5 Favorite Health Tips
Dr. Machel Seibel – BoomerLiving
Dr. Seibel makes health and exercise fun and easy to understand. He founded HealthRock website in an effort to make health information fun and easy to remember. From “Be a Musician to Avoid Your Physician” to “Standing Tall Makes Pains Small,” you’ll be entertained and enjoy his fun approach to good health and exercise to help you in your everyday lives.
Lacy Ngo, LD
Though the weather outside may be frightful, it’s no excuse to give up your exercise routine! Lacy Ngo, licensed dietitian and nutrition instructor at Winthrop University, offers some great alternatives to bring your outdoor exercises indoors. Consider aerobics dancing, such as zumba or hip hop at a local gym. Got a WII game system? Consider virtual canoeing, rafting, or skiing. If you’re not into the virtual world, consider participating in actual indoor sports like basketball, racquetball, or indoor swimming. Hey, the world’s your fitness oyster!
Robert Fowler – Boomer Places
Seems the older you get, the more that exercise and nutrition become crucial to your lifestyle. Here’s some great tips from Robert Fowler of Boomer Places, with main takeaways being get active and eat well.
Suzanne Haggerty – Twenty-Four At Heart
Suzanne provides a smoothy recipe with some of her favorite ingredients: oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt being a sample.
Michael Wood – Michael Wood, CSCS
Are you a runner? Well, here are five great apps for your iPod or Android to help with your program. These apps do everything from informing you how fast and how far you’ve run to monitor your nutrition. Read the article and determine the best app for you.

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