Book Review: Running for Women and Running a Marathon

RunningforWomenI have had the pleasure of reviewing two books by Jason Karp, PhD an exercise physiologist who is a nationally recognized running and fitness coach and who has appeared on this blog in the past. His latest book is Running a Marathon for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons, 342 pages, 2013, $17.99). Personally, I have never been crazy about the Dummies Series but I’m well aware that they have sold millions of copies across all different disciplines. This book, however, has changed my mind as well as my thinking. I’m familiar with Jason’s work so I figured it would interesting. If you’re looking to train for a Marathon this is definitely your reference book. His book is broken into five parts that includes 10 chapters. The appendix even includes a Marathon Directory.

Part I: The Basics of Running a Marathon

Part II: Creating Your Own Marathon Training Plan

Part II: Going Above and Beyond to Stay Strong and Healthy

Part IV: Gearing Up for Race Day

Part V: The Part of Tens (10 FAQ about Marathons etc.)

I though the book was well written, easy to follow and includes some great sections on the physiology of running and specific training cycles to follow. If you’re looking for a book to help you train for your first race or train to improve your time this book is for you.

Jason Karp’s second book is geared toward women runners and is called Running for Women (Human Kinetics, 218 pages, 2012, $17.95) and was co-written with Carolyn Smith, MD, a sports medicine physician at Marquette University. This is a book for women of all ages and offers great advice for the younger runners as well as the more mature runner. There is a great section on The Female Triad and a great section on speed and strength training for runners. As a former strength coach at UConn and someone who has worked with runner’s myself I can tell you that I have used a great deal of their exercises that were featured in this to improve the performance of my athletes that I have previously worked with. I’m looking forward to have my daughter read this as well – she will be running at Fairfield University in September and I enjoyed this book so much that I will mention it to the coaches there as well. I saw that Amazon is offering a package deal for both books…click here.


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