Supplement Your Summer Exercise Routine with a New Activity

single_red_SUP1Today marks the first day of summer so why not change things up a bit and add in a new activity to your current exercise routine. A new activity might be just the thing your body needs to “jumpstart” it and take your fitness to the next level. Here are a few activities to try that may do the trick.

1. Stand Up Paddle Board – otherwise known as SUP – is the fastest growing water sport. It has gained so much recent popularity that research is being conducted on the physiology of SUP at Rutger’s University and Bond University in Australia. It is a fantastic experience that offers a full body workout and high calorie burn. You can even add in a few sets of push ups and yoga positions and make it a complete workout. Try renting a board this summer while on vacation and see if it’s for you. If you’re wondering how it differs from kayaking in terms if a workout read this.

2. Trail Run or Hike – if you’re someone who has been doing a lot of hiking – try trail running this summer and if you have been doing a lot of running switch to hiking. It might be just what your mind and body needs.

3. Power Yoga – A great way to supplement your exercise routine or if you’re looking to get back into exercising, yoga could be that stepping stone for you. The stress of running and strength training can at times take its toll on your mind and body and yoga offers great benefits regarding both of these areas. The increase in core strength and flexibility will help in all other activities that you may pursue.

4. Smartraining – If you’re looking for a fun, engaging workout then checkout a Koko FitClub near you. There are 130 franchises open across the country. Koko offers circuit-based strength training sessions and interval-based cardio sessions that get results.

5. Adventure Runs – if those 5k road races are getting old then try one of the many adventure races that are now available. Checkout Ruckus, Spartan Race, or Tough Mudder to name a few. These are typical 2-4 mile races that have built-in obstacle courses and they are tons of fun. If these are not challenging enough, these and other organizations offer longer distances and more challenging courses – just make sure you’re physically and mentally prepared.


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