Tabata Protocol Training Options

MW rowerAre you looking to change up your current exercise routine a bit? Tabata training offers a short, intense and very beneficial way to exercise. The idea is to alternate between brief, intense bouts of exercise using a 2:1 training format (work-to-rest ratio). After an efficient warm-up follow one of these protocol options using 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of active recovery and repeat for 8 rounds. Follow-up with a good cool-down and your done. You can even download a Tabata app for your Smartphone to help you keep track of your intervals. Try adding one of these variations to your current routine. Start slowly and eventually add in 1-2 training sessions a week with plenty of recovery time between workouts.

Bike Protocol (Time: 12:00-14:00)

4-5:00 Warm-up @ 70-80 rpm and 150 Watts

20 seconds of hard sprinting – Maximum rpm and Watts

10 seconds of easy pedaling – <50 rpm and <100 Watts

Repeat x 8 (4:00)

4-5:00 Cool-down

Rowing Protocol (Time: 10-12:00)

3-4:00 Warm-up

20 seconds of hard rowing – Max spm and work output (Watts/Damping setting/Meters covered)

10 seconds of easy rowing

Repeat x 8 (4:00)

Cool-down – 4-5:00

Additional Options

Use this protocol format for either Running/SUP/Stadium Stair workouts/Body weight exercises like Burpees, Squats, Push-ups etc


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