A Complete Workout: Stadium Stairs and SUP

photo-47A great full body workout that can be done that targets just about every muscle in your body is a combination workout that includes both stadium stair walking/running and stand up paddle board (SUP).  Your mission if you choose to accept it:  In the morning hit the local high school or college stadium for a high intensity stadium stair run or if you are looking for something less intense try walking the stairs instead.  You can have a goal of a specific amount of stairs to climb (i.e. 500 – 1,000 steps) or you can work for time (i.e. 20/40/60 minutes).  Alternating between walking and running might also be the ticket that works well for you.  To make this superior workout even better try adding some abdominal work, push-ups or dips between sets of stairs.  If you’re looking for a challenging combo exercise that hits the abs and upper body, try prone stabilization (i.e. plank) with knee ups followed by pushups.  A typical set would look like this.  Walk or run up a set of stairs then walk down slowly.  If, for example, it takes you 20 seconds to run up the stairs take 40 seconds to walk down slowly to recover.  Once you are down get set and perform prone stabilization or plank (on forearms or with arms fully extended) – hold the position and then take your right knee forward and touch your right elbow and repeat on the opposite side.  Follow this with a pushup or add a pushup progression like T-pushups.  This would equal one repetition.  Complete three repetitions and then try another stair walk or run.

Following the stadium stair workout you’re now ready for part two, SUP.  If you are looking for a more challenging workout, then you can head to the beach and if not, head to a pond or bay area where you have more tranquil water. Try to alternate your time spent paddling on the water between standing and kneeling.  The combination of both the stair workout and the SUP will literally work just about every one of the more than 600 muscles in your body.  If you’re looking to increase the intensity a bit try a few of the plank/pushups off your SUP and enjoy your beautiful surroundings!


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