6 Must Haves for all Wearable Fitness Technology

Gadget-overload-nike-fuelband-fitbit-flex-pebble-watchFor some who are into the Quantified Self movement its like Christmas…every day while for others its more of a temporary fascination.  I’m speaking of wearable technology that seems to have taken over the world as of late.  It can all be very useful for an individual but will it continue to be used on a consistent basis and more importantly, can it influence the way you do things and possibly help create a healthy habit over the long-term – time will tell.  But one thing is for sure, for the industry to continue to grow and products like Fitbit, Smart watches, Restwise, PUSH, and the Polar Loop, must have the following six features.

1.  The device must be extremely comfortable to the point that you do not even know you’re wearing it.

2.  There needs to be a wireless download (versus plugin) in terms of downloading whatever information (steps, flights of stairs, heart rate etc.) to your personal database.

3.  The technology should be waterproof.

4.  It should have the ability to connect or sync up with other devices and apps to help develop your customizable personal health profile.

5.  It should be able to be worn for 1-2 weeks or longer before its necessary to recharge it.

6.  All the collected data is great BUT it needs to be able to be viewed by your physician and you need to be informed of specific data trends.


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