7 Health and Fitness Tips for the Holiday Season

new-life-old-lifeThe following list of health and fitness tips are from the past week and can be seen on Twitter under the merryfitmass hashtag. There will be one health or fitness tip each day that you can use to improve your health and fitness – Merry Christmas!

Men keep your added sugar <150 calories/day (38 grams) and women <100 calories (25 grams). Added sugar excludes fruits/vegetables.

The average American consumes only 14 grams/fiber/day – your goal is 14 grams of Fiber for every 1000 calories you consume.

Focus on keeping your sodium content to 1,500 to 2,300 mg/day. Americans currently consume on average 3,400 mg/day.

Start drinking 16 oz. H2O first thing in the a.m. it speeds up metabolism by 30% for the next 3 hours.

Cut down on your empty calories. Americans consume, on average, 450 calories a day via soda, sports drinks and alcohol. Switch to H2O.

Make sure you get enough protein with each meal. More energy is needed (30%) to break down protein compared to carbohydrate or fat.

You are probably aware of the many benefits of sleep – a new study from J Health Promotions found young women who get 8-8.5 hrs have less body fat.

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