Book Review: How Fat Works


“I’m interested in how the body reacts to excess fat and how fat metabolism and the genetics of fat metabolism play a role in insulin resistance and fatty liver disease.”

Author Philip A. Wood, Ph.D (not related) has written a great book, How Fat Works (Harvard University Press, 2006). This is a well written book by a Professor at the Burnham Medical Research Institute on the inner workings of fat. One of the most interesting chapters in the book, in my opinion, was chapter 14, Exercise to Burn Fat. Dr. Wood explains process of both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism with great clarification as well as other aspects of basic metabolism in general. A section, in chapter 16, titled Increase Insulin Sensitivity was also very interesting. He talks about how some of us may have food sensitivities towards macronutrients like fat and carbohydrates. This book is well worth the read, no matter if you’re just a fitness enthusiast or a professional in the industry. For a deeper dive into the book check out this article published by Susan Fried in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.


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