How a Protein Rich Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight?

Are you tired of hitting the gym regularly and dealing with those heavy machines? Are you following a diet for years that excludes all your favorite food and includes only the typical ‘health food’ that tastes bland? While these are the most conventional ways to lose weight, it might not be possible for everyone to follow them in the long run. More importantly, these procedures might not prove to be effective enough if not followed properly. If you are bored of following these age-old processes and are on the verge of giving it up, you are not alone. But all hope isn’t lost yet as there’s an interesting alternative. A new study shows that protein rich breakfast (i.e. 35 grams or even more!) can actually help in weight loss. Sounds interesting, right? Want to know more? Well, here is a detailed explanation of how it all works:

Is protein needed for your body?

As studies have shown, people who eat high protein breakfasts that have low carbohydrate content, feel fuller during the rest of the day and don’t tend to snack or lunch with heavy food. There are significant reasons behind this. Protein is an important component of each of the cells of your body. It is used to build and repair the tissues. In fact, your body also uses protein to create hormones, body chemicals, and enzymes. Moreover, protein is an important building block of muscles, bones, skin, blood and cartilage in your body. Protein is one of the many macro-nutrients that are required by your body. However, protein doesn’t act as a reservoir unlike carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, just like you have added fat burner foods in your diet, make sure you include a protein-rich breakfast as well to lose weight effectively.

How a protein-rich breakfast helps you lose weight?

You might wonder how exactly protein-rich breakfasts help you lose weight. The answer, protein takes more time to get digested as compared to other components. This helps you remain fuller for a longer period of time, thus letting you maintain proper body weight. Since the heavy breakfast keeps you fuller for long, you don’t crave for junk food any more or cheat your diet by snacking on unhealthy foods to satiate your hunger pangs.

Some research results also show that by consuming protein-rich breakfasts, humans stimulate the secretion of gut hormone called Peptide YY. This hormone triggers the feeling of fullness. In a certain Nutrition Metabolism study, it was seen that people who consumed more than 30% of protein than what they usually take in breakfast, ate almost 450 fewer calories during the rest of the day

What is an ideal protein-rich breakfast?

Remember – in order to achieve the desired weight loss results, it is important to have a breakfast that’s rich in protein. It should contain high quality sources of protein like low fat cottage cheese, eggs, dairy products and milk.



Protein pancakes made with eggs, bananas, nut butter and served with half a cup of sliced fruits or non-fat yogurt; breakfast burritos made with a small sized whole grain tortilla along with four egg whites and scrambled with chopped mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes; or a cup of oatmeal with half a cup of low-fat/non-fat plain Greek yogurt are all good protein-rich breakfast recipes that can help you in yourweight lossendeavors.

To lose weight in a healthy way, it is important to follow healthy eating habits and that is why one should focus on the very first meal of the day. If the first meal contains a good deal of protein, it becomes easier to choose foods for the rest of the day. Apart from having a protein-rich breakfast, you should add some raspberry ketone supplements to your diet as they are known to have immense impact on weight loss. Also, consider replacing your morning cup of coffee with green tea as it has catechins, which encourage speedy weight loss.

This guest post was written by James Hundson, fitness trainer. Being a health and fitness professional, James believes in daily life balance. His main focus on keeping workout routine well rounded by combining a variety of strength training, cardiovascular, etc. He research and design the perfect program required to accomplish individual goals.



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