Enable Technology to Improve Your Health and Fitness

At times we can all feel overwhelmed with the plethora of options that we have when it comes to fitness technology. This type of technology is aimed at trying to help us improve our diet, exercise and even offer us a snap shot of how we sleep. Here is a template that shows how you can start to explore and possibly bring out your quantified self.


source: www.pcmag.com

A typical day could start with monitoring your previous days workout before you’re even out of bed. This can be done by using a great product called Restwise. It allows you to measure both your SpO2 level (oxygen saturation) and resting heat rate. This data can then be entered into an app on your smart phone with a few subjective questions on how you feel. It is all fed into an algorithm  giving you a rating of how well you recovered from the previous days workout. As a result, you have a better idea of how hard to push yourself or maybe cut-back a bit on the intensity of your next workout depending upon how your body has recovered.

Next, you may want to put on your Fitbit pedometer to track your daily steps and the number of stairs climbed (it can also look at how well you’re sleeping; you may also want to try the Sleep Cycle app). Research has shown that pedometer users increase activity levels by 27% and Fitbit reports their average wearer takes 43% more steps when wearing one of their products.

Next, it is time for your workout and if you’re fortunate enough to workout at one of the first digital gyms, the Koko FitClub, then you have the potential to take your health and fitness tracking to a whole new level. Each Koko FitClub across the country offers patented-fitness technology that enables you to get maximal results in minimal time. Your 8-week strength training program and audio-based cardio workouts are stored on a USB drive and following your workout are downloaded so you can see and track the results.

One of the best things about collecting all this data, however, is that you become more consistent when it comes to getting your workout in for the day.  These types of technologies can help keep you on track to exercise smarter and more consistently due to something called the Hawthorne Effect, you can read more about it here and here.

It’s now time to get out and do some biking, running or stand-up paddle boarding and possibly start monitoring and tracking your progress!


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