7 Laws of Fitness for Beginner or a Veteran


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Being fit and healthy is the key to live a peaceful life, irrespective of your profession or your level of activity. Irrespective of whether you are a veteran fitness expert or have just started following the fitness regime under the watchful eyes of a physical trainer, there are certain laws of fitness that you must abide by. While following a balanced diet that includes good quality fat burner is important for weight loss, it is also important to follow the basic rules of fitness. So, if you are really serious about achieving your fitness goals, make sure you incorporate these seven laws of fitness in your routine and follow them religiously –

  • Spice up your fitness regime a bit – Have you been following the same exercise regime over the last few months? If yes, then change it immediately. Of course you can do yoga regularly as it helps you to become more flexible; but doing just that over and over again will help you develop a yoga body that has certain limitations. Moreover, doing the same exercises over a long a period of time without adding any variety to it is likely to make you vulnerable to ailments like tendinitis or overuse injuries. You may even get bored of your fitness routine as the monotonous routine may not be as much fun as it was in the beginning. In order to beat such boredom and re-trigger your muscle growth or fine tune them, you can make some small changes to your fitness routine. Just reverse the order of the exercises, lift less weight with more reps or try doing the opposite, or change the speed with which you lift weights. Your fitness trainer can suggest the most effective ways to bring variety in your workouts that will keep you engaged and focused, apart from helping in speedy weight loss.
  • Be stronger, before you get bigger – Strength is all what you need in order to increase muscle mass. Therefore, you need to focus on strength training, at first. The more strength you will gain, the harder you will be able to train yourself. Focus on full body lifts, instead of lifts that give partial workout to your body. Consider having some workout shakes before or after your workout routine.
  • Be consistent with whatever you are doing – You have to exercise 5 or 6 days a week if you want to achieve optimal health. Though it seems that exercising thrice a week will do, it is not really so. Therefore, ensure to have a consistent fitness routine that you adhere to, without fail.
  • Focus on big and full body lifts – You might think of working out only those muscles of your body that you want to show off, but that is not the right approach. In order to achieve better results, consider doing compound moves like deadlift as it works out almost all the muscles of your body when performed accurately.
  • Set clear fitness goals and monitor them at a regular interval – It is immensely important to set a precise fitness goal before you start working out. If you are not sure about why you are into all these and where you need to reach, you will easily get demotivated. Therefore, set time-bound objectives and check how far you are able to achieve them. Keeping a check on your progress will keep the fire in your belly burning and encourage you to work towards your objective.
  • You have to follow a nutritious, balanced diet – Whether you are training for weight loss or gaining muscle mass, it is important to follow a balanced diet. Have protein rich foods like nuts, and creatine in breakfast as protein helps you concentrate and focus on whatever you are doing.
  • Make sure your goals are realistic enough – Finally, it is important to be absolutely realistic with whatever you are planning to do. If you have been overweight since when you were a child or if you are 50 years old and have never exercised in your life, it is not possible for you to get in perfect shape in just 90 days. Hence, set goals that are achievable for you and be happy once you achieve them.

Author: This guest post was written by James Hundson Fitness trainer. Being a health and fitness professional, James believes in daily life balance. His own fitness gives him the confidence and the expertise to advise others to put in their best. Whether it be weight loss, body building or simple fitness, he has a solution for it all.

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