The Top 41 Superfoods that You Should be Eating


An article was written this week by Alice Park that was featured in Time about forty-one of the top rated superfoods. She talked about the research by Jennifer Di Noia, PhD, associate professor of sociology at William Paterson University who actually put the list together for the Centers Disease Control Preventing Chronic Disease.

“This list is another great tool for your tool-box and according to Dr. Di Noia, “It gives people a way of thinking how to maximize the nutrients per calorie… (this) list of foods can help consumers know what are the powerhouse fruits and vegetables, and maybe choose the more nutrient-dense foods over less nutrient dense ones.”

After listening to Tom Rath’s Eat Move Sleep audio book this week, which was excellent by the way, I noticed that many of the foods recommended in his audio book were also on the list below. One of the most potent “green” cruciferous vegetables however, broccoli, which is considered head of the class by Rath, was actually ranked #19 by Di Noia. The consumption of broccoli has actually tripled per person according to Rath. Either way, you can’t go wrong with eating any of these great superfoods on the list. You just have one goal: eat more of them!

Item and Nutrient Density Score

1. Watercress 100.00
2. Chinese cabbage 91.99
3. Chard 89.27
4. Beet green 87.08
5. Spinach 86.43
6. Chicory 73.36
7. Leaf lettuce 70.73
8. Parsley 65.59
9. Romaine lettuce 63.48
10. Collard green 62.49
11. Turnip green 62.12
12. Mustard green 61.39
13. Endive 60.44
14. Chive 54.80
15. Kale 49.07
16. Dandelion green 46.34
17. Red pepper 41.26
18. Arugula 37.65
19. Broccoli 34.89
20. Pumpkin 33.82
21. Brussels sprout 32.23
22. Scallion 27.35
23. Kohlrabi 25.92
24. Cauliflower 25.13
25. Cabbage 24.51
26. Carrot 22.60
27. Tomato 20.37
28. Lemon 18.72
29. Iceberg lettuce 18.28
30. Strawberry 17.59
31. Radish 16.91
32. Winter squash (all varieties) 13.89
33. Orange 12.91
34. Lime 12.23
35. Grapefruit (pink and red) 11.64
36. Rutabaga 11.58
37. Turnip 11.43
38. Blackberry 11.39
39. Leek 10.69
40. Sweet potato 10.51
41. Grapefruit (white) 10.47

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