How to Customize Your Cardio Workout

Are you tired of spending those minutes on a treadmill or simply walking down the street? These are the most common forms of workouts that people usually get used to. Most of them also consider this to be a part of the cardio exercises that they need to perform before performing the actual workout routine. But repeating the same things everyday can be a bit boring. Performing the same kinds of workouts everyday also makes the body get used to it and thus you may not be able to see the expected results. Once the body gets used to a routine, you will see less results and this will be a reason for you to feel discouraged and there are chances that you will lose interest in working out. Another reason that most of the people give for skipping cardio is that they are tired.

summer-running-300x289You cannot blame your trainer or the exercise for this loss of interest. It is you who can be your greatest motivator and competitor. You need to make up your mind to get used to things and routines that will help you maintain the interest in working out and also a method that will help you get better results. A few modifications in the cardio will help you perform it happily without feeling bored of doing it. Let us take a look at the ways in which you can customize your cardio workouts to make them more interesting. These are the forms that are performed by many known athletes and sportsperson during their regular workout routine.

  1. Using a Step Mill differently: A step mill is commonly used to perform cardio exercises. The use of the equipment can also be modified according to one’s ability and interest. This will make the workouts on a step mill more fun and exciting. One can perform sprints, miss a step or even move towards the right and left while working out on this.
  2. Farmer’s Walk: This is called the farmer’s walk since you would have to walk a few miles carrying dumb bells in both your hands. You just need to pick dumb bells in both your hands, keeping your arms straight downwards; you can walk for about a 100 feet. This can be repeated for about 10 to 15 rounds with intervals.
  3. Change in Location: The place where you are working out plays an important role to keep you motivated. You can select a place where you like being the most. This can be your home, the gym or even the park. The most important thing that you need to consider while working out is comfort. The more you are comfortable and motivated to exercise, the more will you be able to push yourself to work harder.
  4. Food and Supplement: Cardio is usually considered to be a warming up exercise that should be performed before any strong workouts. One would need enough energy to perform them too. Thus, there are a variety of protein rich foods or a number of workout and pre workout supplements that will help in building metabolism and also strengthen you to perform better.
  5. Keep Altering your workouts: As mentioned earlier, a common workout routine including the cardio will make you body get used to it without showing proper results. This will also make you lose interest in working out. An excitement to do something new every day will help you stay active and ready to perform better.

Customizing a cardio does not only mean performing something really difficult or something that is completely new to you. You can simply think of anything that will help you warm up your muscles and prepare them well for the further exercises. The intensity of the cardio should be decided according to the intensity of the workout that you would be performing and also the physical acceptance that one’s body might offer.

This guest post was from, James Hundson, a well known fitness trainer who has been training people who want to lose weight, build muscles and increase their strength. He has studied various fitness techniques that are suitable for people with different body composition. His blogs have been revealing various exercising techniques and diet plans that contribute well in a successful fitness regime.


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  • Phil Nash says:

    Personally I’ve found that restricting my cardio primarily to HIIT workouts keeps them always engaging and challenging – and I don’t do enough of them (1-2 a week) to get bored.
    For my strength training my warm-ups are dynamic warm-up’s that model what I’ll be doing in the workout – but with less (or no) weight.
    If you’re getting bored with cardio you’re probably just doing too much! Try HIIT and dynamic warm-ups instead for a while and see how it goes.

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