6 Benefits of Participating in the 10,000 Step Wellness Challenge


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There are many benefits that come with participating in the 10,000 Step Wellness Challenge. Hopefully you have experienced some of the following benefits yourself over the past three-and-half weeks. If so, please let me know by either sending a note in the “leave a comment” section on the blog or via email at woodspg@gmail – I would be interested in hearing what you have to say. Here are a few of the benefits that individuals have seen who have tried the challenge. Continue to stay focused this last week and shoot for 10,000 steps each of the remaining days.


1. Increased Daily Activity Level. You’re now regularly hitting 70,000+ steps in a given week. I have strung together two 10-day period where I have walked 10-13,000 steps and during one week hit close to 85,000 steps. As a result of the 10k Step Wellness Challenge, I’m more cognizant of hitting my 10,000 step goal during the week. Before the challenge I was typically reaching that goal only 2-3 days a week on average and now it’s about 6 days a week thanks to the challenge.

2. Increased Endurance Capacity. Before the challenge it was a big deal to even get close to walking 10,000 steps a day and now it much easier to accomplish. You have more energy during a typical day and for your workouts. You feel like you should progress even more and you can!

3. Body Composition has Improved. You know this because your clothes fit differently. You have decreased your percent body fat and your waist-to-hip ratio has also decreased. You feel and look better even though the bathroom scale may say you’re the same body weight. This is because you have lost body fat and possibly gained some lean muscle.

4. Your Diet is Better. You have more energy during the day and most importantly during your workout. You are eating less processed foods because you know that more than 80% of processed foods are high in added sugar. Becoming aware of the 100 calories of added sugar goal for women (or 25 grams) and 150 calories a day of added sugar (38 grams) for men has most likely caused a decreased your blood glucose level.

5. Decrease in Body Weight. Working on decreasing your percent body fat and the amount of overall fat weight that your body is holding on to should be your real focus while any negative change in body weight can be thought of as a positive by-product…but we all know you like to monitor it.

6. Increase in Exercise Tolerance. Your body is now primed to start exercising more after 31-days of regularly walking 10,000 steps a day and decreasing your added sugar. What’s next? Try a new exercise program like Koko Plus at a Koko FitClub near you. Maybe begin training for a 3k or 5k road race for Thanksgiving?

Now let’s see you elevate your game over the remaining five days and please let me know how you did with the challenge. I’m going to leave you with a quote from the great American distance runner Steve Prefonatine.

Steve Prefontaine USA


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