The Top 5 Exercises that Burn the Most Calories

calorie-burnSo many people would love to lose body fat. Whether the goal is to burn fat to allow muscles to shine through or you are looking to lose pounds, the key to doing so is cardiovascular exercise. Cardio gets your heart rate up and burns calories unlike any other type of exercise. Although there are many calorie burning exercises out there, you want to do the ones that yield the best results. Here are the top five exercises that burn the most calories.


Cycling is a huge calorie burner. It is basically the ultimate cardiovascular workout. Something as simple as an hour bike ride can burn an impressive 850 calories for women and 900 calories for men. In order to make the most out of this workout try your best to remain at a maximum intensity.


Aerobics is not only an effective way to tone and tighten the body but it is a huge calorie burner. When you are just starting out learning the moves is a bit challenging but the challenging the better. When you get the hang of it you will not only be working your muscles but burning as much as 700 calories. Do not hesitate, sign up for a class at a nearby gym and see your body transform.


If you like to dance and want to burn fat Zumba is perfect. The classes are so fun and are very high energy. After you learn a few moves you will have such a good time that you will forget that you are working out. An hour of Zumba can burn anywhere from 400 to 750 calories.


Swimming is a wonderful exercise to integrate into your routine. If you have a pool you are set. For those who do not, get a membership at a gym that does. Aside from being able to burn an ample amount of calories, about 840 for men and 720 for women, swimming is truly enjoyable. Another advantage of swimming is that you get to remain cool and sweat free during the duration of your workout.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope can burn an astounding 750 to 850 calories. This calorie burning exercise is a great option for those with kids. You can spend time playing outside with your children while becoming more fit at the same time. Jumping rope will help you drop the pounds and achieve the body you want.

This article was authored by Sergeant Michael Volkin, inventor of Strength Stack 52 fitness cards. Now available in Australia.



  • Phil Nash says:

    Michael (Woods), I realise this is a guest post, but I presume you wouldn’t publish anything you didn’t agree with.
    So do you really think that, “Whether the goal is to burn fat to allow muscles to shine through or you are looking to lose pounds, the key to doing so is cardiovascular exercise.” ?

    Time and time again I see that studies show that traditional cardio is not very effective for fat loss.

    Firstly the first stop should be diet (especially cutting out added sugars, as your October campaign was all about) – getting that right is 90% of the job!

    Once you’ve got the diet side of things going in the right direction then you can look at activity.The type of activity that can have the biggest effect on shifting the fat is NEAT (again, your October campaign was all about this with the 10k steps challenge). It’s not just about daily steps of course, although that’s a good way to get you focused on it. It’s about minimising the amount of time we spend sitting, breaking it up with other activities (which including walking, performing household chores, even standing – but not for too long at a time). Over the course of a day the difference in calorie burn can be significant – over 2000! And all without breaking a sweat!

    Exercise is essential for other reasons (general health, well-being, resilience, anti-aging etc) – but can play a role in weight loss. But the most effective forms of exercise for weight loss are functional strength training and HIIT. HIIT is typically cardio based, but not in the traditional long-form that the above post seems to be talking about. It’s short workouts (4-25 minutes – I usually go for 20) of varying intensity (I won’t go into the details as I know you know them – but for anyone reading it’s easy to look them up). The thing to keep in mind is that it’s not the calories burnt during the exercise itself (although I typically get through about 500 calories in 25 minutes, according to the machines I use when I use them) – but the “afterburn” effect (EPOC) which raises the metabolism for the next 24-36 hours – so all that NEAT activity you started doing more of counts for significantly more!

    I can testify to the effectiveness of all of the above: personally I’ve just 51kg over the last 15 months and am in the best shape of my life! And I’ve heard the same story time and time again.

    Sorry to go on a bit – I was just a bit surprised to see this on your blog.
    And I don’t meant to criticize Sergeant Michael Volkin – I just think there’s a lot more to it, with support from modern evidence.

    • Phil Nash says:

      Argh! No edit button. There’s a few typos – but he main one is where should read:

      “personally I’ve *lost* 51kg”

    • michael wood says:

      Hi Phil – I like to have guest bloggers come on at times – we have to line up on issues – but its not exactly eye to eye though – as was the case regarding this post. Love the fact that your dropped 51 kg? or 51 pounds? …very impressive

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