How Koko Fuel Can Boost Your Workout Performance

The Koko FitClubs around the country offer an online nutrition plan, developed by nutritionist Debra Wein, MS, RD, called Koko Fuel. The fuel focus is dependent upon the exercise plan that a member is currently on. For example, the Burn plan will help members monitor their carbohydrate intake. The specific goal is to watch the amount of added or processed sugar consumed on a daily basis. The Build plan offers a fuel focus to help members increase their protein intake which is critical in building and preserving lean muscle tissue. Finally, the Protect plan will ensure members get more fruits and vegetables each day and as a by-product, increase their daily allotment of fiber. The goal is about 14 grams of fiber for every 1000 calories that a member eats.

The following audio offers a look at some of the early work, known as the Koko Nutrition Pillars, that helped set the stage for the online Koko Fuel program.


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