Stadium Stair Workouts are Ideal for Maximum Calorie Burn in Minimal Time

Photo Credit: Koko FitClub

Photo Credit: Koko FitClub

After completing a stadium stair workout this morning at Harvard University’s classic football stadium (built-in 1903) I thought about other great workouts that also offer a by-product of maximal caloric expenditure in minimal time. The minimal time that I’m referring to is about 30 minutes. These types of workouts are also ideal for EPOC (excess-post oxygen consumption), which means your body will continue to burn calories long after the workout is completed. Here are some additional workouts to try when you have time constraints and can only commit to half an hour or so. The following list is not in any particular order, they are just the first twenty that came to mind. You now have a few more workout options for 2015.

1. Stadium Stair Workout (walk and/or run).

2. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) – via running, cardio equipment etc.

3. Jumping rope

4. Boxing workout

5. Power Yoga Class (advanced level)

6. Cardio-type class (advanced level)

7. Mountain biking

8. Snow Shoeing

9. Skiing (down hill and xc)

10. SUP (short-course race)

11. Mountain/Ice Climbing

12. Koko Cardio Tabata workout (Int./Adv. session x 2)

13. Speed Skating

14, HIT (strength-training and body weight workouts)

15. 2000m all-out Row (followed by moderate 20+ minute row)

16. Sprint Interval workout

17. CrossFit WOD

18. P90X type workouts (30:00 session)

19. Swimming (interval type workouts)

20. Sprint Triathlon/Spartan type races/Navy Seal obstacle (short) course events.


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