The Valentines Day Plank Challenge

Y1078190_10201784686800718_635469599_nou have exchanged your cards and maybe some dark chocolate for Valentines Day. What next? For the next 30-days you can try the Valentines Day Plank Challenge. Do it by yourself, with that special someone or in a group…but do it.

If you have never done a prone plank before then try to see if you can hold the position for 20-30 seconds and move forward from there. I started with a minute today and will try adding 5 seconds a day for the next 30-days but you should progress depending on your own ability. Give it a try. Take your Smartphone out, lay it on the floor, set the stopwatch and go. Remember to fully engage your body and be mindful of key areas like your abs, quads and glutes. Pull your navel in towards your spine and maintain throughout, contract your quads and glutes throughout. Keep your gaze slightly beyond your fingertips.

You can start with your arms bent or straight – it’s your call. If they are straight, remember to keep your shoulder blades protracted throughout the entire set. Think about driving your upper back towards the ceiling. Focus on controlling your breathing, feel strong, rock-solid, while doing the movement each day for the next 30 days. Look forward to doing it and turn the exercise into meditative experience each day. You can hold it for a set amount of time each day (like 30 seconds or 1:00) or you can try what I’m doing and increase the duration each time you get down into your prone plank position. You can also increase the intensity over time by trying different progressions: lift one leg, one arm, one arm/leg, do it with hands on a medicine ball, feet on stability ball, you get the picture. Good luck and get ready to build some strength and endurance! Let me know how it goes.

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