Looking for a Quick, Healthy, High Protein Breakfast Option?

FullSizeRenderHere is a quick, high protein, breakfast option that you could actually end up using for a meal or snack. All you need is an egg, organic sausage, and an english muffin.

Cook an egg then the sausage in a microwave for one-minute while you’re toasting your muffin. One egg contains 3.6 grams of protein, the english muffin contains 4 grams of protein per half while two sausage contain about 6.6 grams of protein. This meal will take you less than two-minutes to put together and will keep you full all morning long. Even better, it contain more than 14 grams of protein. Double up on the egg (or egg white) and add the other half of the muffin and you’re up to almost 22 grams of protein.



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