Is All Your Technology Helping You Stay Active?

We are so preoccupied at times with all our technology. Constantly on our phones even during sporting events or with a group of friends at dinner. We spend hours sitting, hunched-over in front of our computers or looking at our tablets for the majority of the day.

Granted there are some great health and fitness apps, digital gyms and other forms of technology that help individuals stay active. There are also products, like your Fitbit or the Apple watch you’re contemplating on purchasing, that could potentially help to increase activity levels as well.

The take away here is to start using a small portion of each day to “digital detox” and use that time rather than sitting and “turning off” your body, focus instead of  engaging your mind, body, spirit with a new activity without all the technology.

Here is an infographic titled The Data Never Sleeps by DOMO that I thought was amazing. It breaks down the use of technology by the minute in a typical day. Take a moment and look at each individual category and add up the amount of time you spend doing each one during your typical day. These data points would be staggering if they were for a 24-hour period but I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s for only 60-seconds!

So, take a break from all the emailing, FB, Tweeting, Instagraming and ruining your posture looking at your phone and computer all day. Get up and get out, and bring your kids along whenever possible, for at least 30-minutes of exercise a day and think about how you’re going to start moving more each day…your mind, body and spirit will love you for it!

Data Every Minute

Credit: DOMO. Erik Fitzpatrick licensed CC BY 2.0

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