What Form of Exercise Burns More Calories?

Have you ever wondered what types of exercises actually burn the most calories per minute?  This question was looked at in a recent issue of Men’s Journal magazine (April, 2015).  They compared four different activities, using a 5-minute testing period, to look at the highest caloric expenditure.  The four different exercises included: body-weight exercises, jogging, swinging a kettlebell, and jumping rope.  All are great forms of exercises and you need minimal equipment to perform each exercise.

jumprope_routine1You will obviously burn more calories as the intensity and duration are increased and men typically burn more calories than women per minute of exercise due to the difference in lean muscle level.  We are assuming the numbers posted in the article, by Melaina Junti, are for men.

They determined jumping rope was number one, in a 5-minute workout, burning 79 calories while the body weight exercises, consisting of push-ups and pull-ups came in fifth using 51 total calories. Jumping rope is a great training tool to start using prior to your workout. In a previous post, on the benefits of jumping rope, it was reported that 10-minutes of jumping rope was equivalent to jogging for 30-minutes.

Here are their ranking with the amount of calories in ( ):

1. Jumping Rope (79)

2. Swinging a Kettlebell (63)

3. Jogging (53)

4. Push-ups/Pull-ups (51)

Interesting numbers, especially kettlebell swings being higher than pushing and pulling your body weight for 5-minutes. This was probably due to the subject getting more total swings with a kettlebell during the 5-minute period.

Here are some exercises that maybe they could look at next, comparing the effects of 5-minutes of cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing, jogging up hill, HIIT using a bike or rower, and stadium stair running.


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