Try This Quick Dynamic Warm-Up Before Your Next Run or Workout

Here is a quick dynamic warm-up that you can try before your next run or workout to get your body prepared for the upcoming bout of exercise. In the video, Julia, a D1 runner, used a foam roller for about 15 minutes prior to the start of the video.  Her goal was to “release” specific areas that were tight in her lower extremity resulting from a previous run.  You have the option of going through these specific movements more than once if needed.  Following the dynamic warm-up, she went for her run and then hit the foam roller once again before calling it a day.  Try 5-6 repetitions of each dynamic movement.

  • Foam Roller (15:00)
  • Jump Rope (2:00)
  • Dynamic Warm-up (5:00) @ 5-6 reps each
  • Run
  • Foam Roller



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Michael is CEO of Michael Wood Fitness, Chief Fitness Officer at Koko FitClub and Founder of the Sports Performance Group. Named Best of Boston by Boston Magazine and Top 100 Trainer in the U.S by Men's Journal. Michael is a former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Connecticut and member of Power Bar Team Elite.

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