Don’t Give Up Now! The Daily Meal Reveals 25 Strategies to Help You Keep Those Resolutions

The Daily Meal, the world’s largest food and drink lifestyle site, announced the publication of “Don’t Give Up: 25 Strategies to Help You Keep Those Resolutions.” Instead of introducing a resolution that involves deprivation and is only around for the short term, The Daily Meal shows you ways to keep your resolutions every day, without it feeling like a chore.

“A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight and in order to move forward, you need to keep a steady pace,” said Bridget Creel, Healthy Eating Editor at The Daily Meal. “This can be accomplished by setting reminders and planning ahead. It’s beneficial if you can cook your meals and schedule your workouts ahead of time, so staying healthy doesn’t interfere with your busy life.”



The Daily Meal also recommends not being too hard on yourself if you’ve already slipped up. The “all or nothing” approach only works for the short term. Instead, ease yourself into small lifestyle changes such as eating breakfast before you run out the door in the morning or packing a healthy lunch for work. In no time, these habits will become second nature.

In order to compile this list, The Daily Meal team reached out to nutritionist Amanda Foti, celebrity fitness trainer Jorge Cruise, health expert Annie Lawless, and Lindsey Mcilvena, a medical doctor, for helpful tips and recipes for a New Year’s Resolution weight loss plan.

The team at The Daily Meal encourages readers to provide feedback on the following list. Do you think these strategies are helpful? You can let The Daily Meal know which strategy on the list is your favorite by tweeting @TheDailyMeal using the hashtag#dontgiveuponnyeresolutions

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Rank Strategy
1 Be Realistic With Weight-Loss
2 Build On Successes
3 Celebrate Your Accomplishments
4 Do A Little More Every Time
5 Don’t Let Willpower Get The Best Of You
6 Don’t Sit As Much
7 Get Enough Sleep to Stay Focused
8 Get Out Of The All Or Nothing Trap
9 Grab A Buddy
10 Inspire Someone Else to Join
11 Kick The Sugar
12 Make Self-Care A Priority in 2016
13 One Step At A Time
14 Reduce Stress Through Daily Tasks
15 Re-Organize Your Refrigerator
16 Reward Yourself
17 Set Reminders
18 Share Your Resolutions And Goals
19 Shop In The Right Mindset
20 Start Now
21 Track Your Food Intake
22 Visualize The End Result
23 Watch Your Inner Dialogue
24 Weigh Yourself Regularly
25 Write Down Specific Goals

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