Four of the Best Health and Fitness Apps for 2017

We all love a good app. But does the old saying (that Apple actually trademarked) “there’s an app for that” – still apply today? Well it seems so, even though the average person may not keep as many apps on their phone as in previous years, they are still being downloaded in record number. About 75 percent of U.S. users download at least one app monthly while teenagers download 6.3 apps per month based on measured installs from 50 million Americans. According to analysis done in 2016 from the app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the App Store is expected to more than double its size over the next four years, reaching 5 million apps by the year 2020.

Here are what I consider to be the best apps for 2017. I look for an app that is free/low-cost, educational, intuitive in terms of use and can hopefully help myself and clients change mindset and create new habits. The following apps have done just that.

Welltory. This is a great app that helps you become aware and manage your stress and energy levels. It reminds me of another app that made my list, Headspace. I understand the importance of stress and energy but now I have a tool that can help me manage it. The app is free and you can upgrade to the Pro service for a small fee. “The idea is to work out the effect of how, for instance, morning meditation, working from home or a diet change might affect stress and energy levels. You then keep what works for you and discard what doesn’t” (TechCrunch).


2. Human Anatomy Atlas: Complete 3D Human Body. Personally, I can never seem to learn enough when it comes to human anatomy and physiology. Even after many undergrad/graduate level courses, I still find myself learning new things about the body – and now I’m able to do it right from my phone. This app typically costs $25 to download but now you can get it for only $1. This is an amazing 3D app, it feels like you’re in a human anatomy or cadaver course – seeing in amazement for the first time – the organs, nerves and actions of every muscle, bone etc. I enjoy picking one body part and learning something new and then have the ability to quiz myself. This is ideal for any type of student. My daughter is taking an EMT course and studying human anatomy in coming weeks and guess what app I recommended to her?

Credit: Human Anatomy Atlas

3.  Headpace. This is a mediation app develop and founded by Andy Puddicombe. You’ll love everything about this free app (also has upgrades for a cost) from how seamless it is to the look and feel. They refer to themselves as “bite-sized meditation for busy schedules” which in today’s fast-paced, over scheduled world – is quick enough to fit right in. There is a great deal of research coming out on the value of daily meditation on both mind and body. It’s worth your time to take a look and give it a try!

4. Myfitnesspal. It has been said that “you can’t manage it if you don’t measure it.” This free nutrition app, in addition to Welltory, does just that. It offers valuable insight and helps you monitor what you’re eating on a daily basis. It has some really cool features like the ability to take pictures of the barcode of any food and in turn instantly downloads the micro/macro-nutrient composition of the food. I love this app for helping me monitor my daily added sugar. You can upgrade to get more bells and whistles for a nominal fee.


Perez, S. (2016). App Store to reach 5 million apps by 2020, with games leading the way. Tech Crunch.


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