For the Love of Books: From Health to Hemingway

“What are you reading?”

There is one bookstore that I have not yet been to that is high on my bucket list that can be found in beautiful Oregon called Powell’s Bookstore. It is considered one of the best bookstores in the country by many publications. I was reading an article one day featured on my Flipboard app that talked about the best bookstores found in each state and of course when I looked at the list under Oregon….you guessed it. That list included one book recommendation from an employee from each of the bookstores mentioned. The name of the book recommended by Powell’s was Books for Living by New York Author Will Schwalbe.  After checking it out online I knew it was a book that I had to get my hands on and read. Mr. Schwalbe mentions the importance of keeping track of what you’re reading by making reading lists and becoming in a sense your own book curator which I have done on several occasions.

Photo Credit: Will Schwalbe

As someone who has been working in the fitness industry for thirty years, I have made a number of recommendations over the years regarding numerous health/fitness/nutrition books. So much so, that as of late it developed into a “suggested reading” list here on this blog. I have also developed a personal reading list (a work in progress) of one of my favorite authors, Ernest Hemingway, that can be found on my SunAlsoRises blog. Hemingway himself was also a master at developing such reading lists. I have a list on my blog of the books that he personally liked to recommend to others. There is also a full list on the blog of all the books that Hemingway actually read from 1910-1940. His books were kept in his libraries in Key West, the Finca Vigia in Cuba and possibly his home in Ketchum, Idaho and they can all be found in this document, that lists nearly 8,000 volumes.

“In order to write about life first you must live it.” – Ernest Hemingway

Here are a few additional book lists that I have found over the years that you may find interesting:

Getting back to Will Schwalbe’s book, Books for Living, is his own list of 26 books that have made a powerful impact over the course of his life. He talks about each of the books by way of a short essay that turns into a fun, educational ride along the way. His book will have that same impact on your life…after it makes your reading “list.”

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