Exercise Doesn’t Have to be Boring

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One of the prime reasons why so many people simply don’t bother to exercise regularly, or why they give up a new fitness regime too quickly is because it quite simply bores them. It’s hard for people who live for lifting, or who can’t wait to get out on the football field to understand, but for many people, fitness-related activities hold very little interest, and it prevents them from being as fit and healthy as they could. If you’re one of those people who think exercise is a bore and a chore, here are a few things that could help you to change that:

Exercise with a Buddy

Exercising with a buddy is a good way to make it more fun because you can chat, compete against each other and just have a good time as you work away on the elliptical machine or go for a jog around the block.

Listen to Audiobooks

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like doing exercise because it’s mind-numbingly boring to you, then listening to audiobooks could be a way to improve the situation for you. Invest in a good pair of headphones – sometimes the best headphones for gaming are also the best for wearing when you exercise, because they block out more sound, and enable you to concentrate on what you’re doing – and invest in an Audible account. Then, you can listen to your favorite classics or that new novel you’ve been dying to try read as you run around the park.

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Listen to Music

Once you’ve got a good pair of headphones, and perhaps a holster for your smartphone, then if audiobooks aren’t your thing, you might want to listen to some upbeat music while you exercise. If you’re a music lover, it’ll make the activity seem like less of a chore and the high tempo of the music will push you to work out harder.

Try Lots of Classes

You might be sure that you found exercise in all of its forms boring, but chances are you’ve only actually tried a handful of different sports and activities. It might then be worth trying out lots of different classes, from spinning to Zumba, martial arts to hula hooping, there re so many activities to try that you might just hit upon something that chances the game and makes exercising interesting for you.


Exercise doesn’t have to be formal; playing catch with your dog, hide and seek with your kids or playing one of the many movement-based games available for various consoles like the Wii all count as exercise and they can be a lot more fun than sweating it out in the gym. Remember, as long as you’re moving, you’re burning calories, and that is what you should be aiming for.

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Watch TV

If you’re a real couch potato, capitalize on that by doing your exercise in front of the TV. You’ll be so focused on your favorite shows that it won’t even feel like you’re exercising at all.

Have fun getting fit!


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