Gyms Are Intimidating: Here’s How To Overcome Your Fear

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For all those people that suddenly feel compelled to hit the gym and get in better shape – both mentally and physically – a huge proportion find themselves unable to take the final step through the doors. The fear kicks in and they end up stood in front of the big glass doors, looking at everyone bossing the machines, a huge surge of intimidation washing over them to the extent that they run home, get out of their gym kit and hide under the duvet.

Don’t worry, this is totally natural.

Gyms can be intimidating places and your inexperience can feel embarrassing. You don’t want to step into a gym full of machines you can’t work or water fountains you can’t use while everyone else nails their circuit without taking a breath.

That said, your fear of feeling embarrassed is no reason to live a life without gyming. That is why we have pulled together a list of solutions that will help you swallow your fears and become one with the gym in no time at all.

Step 1: Find The Right Gym

Not all gyms are born equal. That is something you have to wrap your head around pretty early on. Why are we telling you this? Simple. There are gyms out there, like, that cater to all everybody, no matter what your experience level, schedule or budget, and these are the ones that you want to join, not ones that are for the next Mr & Mrs Universe, or gyms aimed specifically at kickboxers. Find one that caters to your level, one that has plenty of classes, spaces and added extras and ease your way into gym life.

Step 2: Book A PT Session

This is less about throwing you in at the deep-end and more about learning how to work the machines, which is one of the most common fears all newbies face. It is that fear of showing up in your new kit, only to stare at the different machines as if they are ancient hieroglyphics. To avoid this and start feeling comfortable right away, you should book a session with a personal trainer and ask them to give you a tour and teach you the basics. Once you’ve got this down, your confidence will follow.

Step 3: Go Armed With A Plan

The worst thing you can do is turn up to the gym without a clue of what you want to do when you are there. You’ll simply end up walking around the gym aimlessly, do ten minutes on that and ten minutes this and then leave feeling utterly deflated. What you want to do instead is go to the gym knowing what you want to accomplish. That could be a cardio-workout that makes you sweat, a strength session that works your upper-body and core. It is knowing whether you need to warm-up first and whether you want to de-stress after. Having a plan of attack, even if it is just vague, will fill you with confidence and let you crack on once you step inside.

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