Help! I Want To Get Fit

Like most people you’ve probably already said ‘New Year New Me’ about twenty times even if it was just for a joke. But deep down maybe you’re  thinking it wouldn’t be so bad if you really could achieve that New Years resolution you’ve made many, many times before? It is completely possible to reach realistic goals that you set out for yourself. Getting fit requires time and dedication. You won’t always see results overnight which can be deflating and contribute to you giving up on your dream altogether. So what can be done to keep on track? Let’s look at a few things you might not have tried or even thought of before.

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What’s your why? Your reason to get up in the morning and go to the gym. Your reason for getting fit in the first place. What’s going to make you squeeze in a run after a hard days work. Have you actually thought about why you really want to achieve this goal. Is it for yourself or is it for someone else? Because when you start to feel the pain and it isn’t fun anymore you’re going to be asking yourself what is the point in all of this. If you don’t have a strong enough reason to be achieving your goals then you may find dropping them altogether is an easy thing to do. So get yourself a ‘why?’ and make it a strong one. In times of need you can focus your thoughts on that reason and pull some gas out the tank you never knew existed.

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There are millions of ways and places to get fit. You’ve tried a few before and they haven’t worked so what? Try a few more and a few more after that. You need to find what works for you. If you’re bored then look elsewhere. Signing yourself up for a gym membership has multiple benefits which are advertised everywhere but maybe it’s just not working for you. Before you quit completely ask yourself how can I switch this up? Having a friend in the gym makes it so much easier. You’ll be pushing each other further whether you know it or not. Get a routine. Are you just going whenever you feel like it? If so then you’ve fallen at the first hurdle. Plan ahead and set some time out in your week. Have you tried sports? The thought can be scary at first. Joining a team full of people you don’t know. No one ever achieved anything worthwhile in the comfort zone. You’ll find that people are much more welcoming than you first thought and breaking a sweat in the world of sport will happen without you even thinking about it. Get online and find out what clubs are in your area.

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Who needs to know your changing up your lifestyle. Maybe you’re thinking no one needs to know. You’re doing this for yourself right? Wrong. Tell everyone. Everyone and anyone who wants to listen. If they don’t want to listen tell them anyway. Speaking your goals out loud re-affirms to yourself that your going to get out there and achieve them. People will become more understanding and supportive if you let them in. Speak passionately about what you’re doing and people will join you. Encourage others to get fit and you’ll reap the rewards when you find that they’re boosting you up when you’re at your lowest.

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What can you do to stick to the regime? Of course it’s great to get ugly in the gym and sweat like there’s no tomorrow. You won’t care about what you look like at first because you just want to lose that extra pound or tone up. Pretty soon you will be in great shape though and then what’s going to encourage you to maintain your new physique? You feel great in the inside now it’s time to sharpen up the wardrobe. Having comfortable clothing that fits well and looks good on can be a great way to boost your self-esteem. Treat yourself to some new clothes specifically for the gym. Have a look at Monsta Clothing work out clothes for women for some ideas of what’s in fashion for women just now and the guys can check out some new gym clothes here. Looking great will mentally associate feeling good with going to the gym which will make you want to go back time and time again.

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Getting started literally couldn’t be easier. Pull those old trainers out the cupboard and start training today. Not tomorrow but now. You’ll find a your rhythm in no time. Now that’s all well and good you’re out there doing it but to see results your going to have to do a little bit of research. Everyone’s body is different and working out what’s right for you will be difficult at first when your listening to everyone’s expert advice on what works for them. You’re going to have to try new exercises and see what feels right. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Losing weight is going to be completely different from gaining muscle and improving your stamina will be different from maximizing your strength. Speaking to a personal trainer could save you a lot of time and wasted effort. It may seem expensive at first but what you will save in time will be truly worth it.

So if your belt is starting to feel a little bit tighter than you would like it to then it’s time to get going. Remember why you are doing it. This will see you through the hard times. Look out new places to work out. Use a park bench if you have to. Tell everyone you know and gain their support. Be kind to yourself, rest up and allow those muscles to grow and you’ll be filling out that new shirt in all the right places. Get smart! Do some research on what’s going to work for your body type.


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