Getting Back into Shape

Did you gain a ton of Christmas weight? Most of us put on at least a few pounds with a combination of exercising less, drinking more alcohol, enjoying festive treats and pigging out of huge, comforting meals. In January, it can be tempting to go on a crash diet in an attempt to lose the weight quickly and get back into your jeans. But, long-term this is unlikely to work.

While you may lose weight fast, as soon as you start eating normally again, even without excess, you’ll start to put the pounds back on. Crash diets can also leave you feeling tired and reduce the effectiveness of your immune system, which is the very last thing you want when there are so many winter bugs doing the rounds.

Instead, it’s important to be sensible about your weight loss. Just like it’s okay to treat yourself an let go over the holidays, it’s also fine to take your time getting back into shape. There’s no rush. Remember, there’s still months until you need your summer body. So, take your time and do it right.

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Tone Up

Getting back into shape isn’t all about weight loss. In fact, that’s probably the least important part. If you can, avoid weighing yourself completely. Instead, measure your success by how you look and feel.

January is a great time to start an exercise routine, as lots of gyms have New Year deals and offers. If you hate the gym, get outside and give the couch to 5k program a go. This is designed to get even the most unfit couch potato running 5k within 13 weeks, and it really works!

Alternatively, if you can’t stand the idea of exercising in front of other people, check out some great online exercise videos, or make some simple lifestyle changes like walking more, using an activity tracker to monitor your movements.

Look After Your Skin

Even if you are a still carrying a few extra pounds, you can look fantastic by toning up and improving your skin tone. Click here to take a look at some cellulite creams to help improve the texture of your skin. Then, exfoliate with a body brush every morning, and moisturize to restore any lost moisture.

Eat Right

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After eating what you want for a few weeks, it can be hard returning to a healthy diet. But, if you are trying to lose weight, boost your immunity or just feel better, your diet is crucial. Calorie counting apps can be a great help if you struggle to keep track, but you can usually improve your diet with a few simple changes like these:

  •    Swapping fizzy drinks for water or cordial
  •    Cutting sugar from your hot drinks
  •    Switching to brown rice, pasta and bread
  •    Trying healthy salads
  •    Having warming, homemade soups instead of large comforting casseroles and stews
  •    Cooking your meals from scratch
  •    Avoid eating late at night
  •    Smaller portions

It’s important not think cutting entire food groups from your diet will offer a magical solution. Your body needs carbs to stay healthy. But, you can swap to brown versions to keep full for longer and aid your digestion.


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