It’s All About The Prep


It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness pro, an utter newbie or somewhere in the middle, getting into a new fitness routine can be a daunting prospect. And if that isn’t your initial thought, then you’re in for a shock. You need not only for start working out, but to change your mentality, change you diet and to find the time it implement it all. However, having said that, preparing for your new venture doesn’t have to be that bad – and with the right prep, it will be a breeze.

The Right Gear

Start at the bottom – building your workout space. You need to make sure you have the right gear for your workout. If you’re taking up cycling, for example, you will find that padded bike shorts will save you a lot a pain and discomfort than regular gym shorts. The same goes for weight lifting – you might want to invest in weight gloves, to help your grip and to prevent calluses forming on your palms. In general, normal active wear is perfect for all activities, but make sure that you are getting the right things made with breathable material. And when it comes to actual gear for your workouts – take a look at sites like for inspiration. You home gym doesn’t have to be huge, you can have a great workout through using your own body weight, versatile equipment, and through outdoor cardio. So if you don’t have masses of space – don’t worry. Make a plan which will best help you reach your goals, and buy equipment accordingly.  And when it comes to weights, look for advice before buying a set make sure that you are getting the right range for you. Sites like can help you to work out what is perfect for you. It’s always worth starting with a slightly lighter weight and then building yourself up over time, rather than throwing yourself into the deep end.

The Right Food

There is absolutely no use you starting to workout if you don’t start eating the right food. You’re not going to shift the weight if you’re still eating takeout every week – nor does working out entitle you to be allowed to eat rubbish food. If you’re planning on bulking up, then you need to up the protein in your diet, and lower the carbs. Match your food to your workouts, and time your snacks; a high protein snack before your workout will keep your energy high, and a smart food bar after will curb those post-workout cravings.

The Right Routine

Now that you have the gear and you have the diet sorted, it’s time for you to get yourself into a routine. If you don’t make a commitment, then all your hard work is going to go straight out og the window. Set yourself particular times throughout the week to work on different areas on your body – don’t be that guy who misses leg day. Think about running routes and even a workout playlist. This routine will help your fitness, and it will help your willpower. Think about your workouts as a doctor’s appointment – something that you can’t miss.


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