21st Century Exercise: It’s A Fitness Gym, But Not As We Know It

Getting fit can always seem like a chore to many rather than as a fulfilling pastime. People see the quest to lose weight, tone up or build muscle as arduous, painful and torturous. They can’t eat their favorite foods, they have to complete endless workouts that see their muscles ache and their lungs burn, and they feel deflated at the thought of doing something positive. That surely can’t be right. Technological advancements are developing throughout gyms to make the workout experience more pleasant, effective and personalized. Take a look to see how gyms are well and truly entering the twenty-first century.

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Exercise equipment has never been more accurate. The days of a calorie counter, distance jogged, and a flashing bar that alters in height depending on how steep the gradient is are long gone. Machines like the ones at greatist.com can now monitor not just your heart rate but also your body fat ratio, the amount of sweat you are producing and the exact amount of energy in wattage that you are creating. This information can lead many gym attendees to grasp just how effective their workouts are. If someone completing a cardio workout notices that the rowing machine is more conducive to them burning calories than the treadmill, they are using technology to help guide their workout routines. Knowledge is power and utilizing technological advancements to aid the efficiency of weight loss and promote good health is a positive thing.

Health Checks

Across all gyms now you will see mobile defibrillators attached to the interior walls. These are vital in saving lives should the worst happen. Medical intervention often needs to be speedy to have the maximum chance of saving lives. However, it’s not just mobile defibrillators that have emerged within gyms. Sites like foremostequipment.com provide pulse oximeters that allow personal trainers and other professionals to keep tabs on the health and well being of their clients. By measuring the oxygen levels in their blood, personal trainers can assess whether to work their clients harder or cut back where necessary. Tailoring personalized workouts to the needs of clients makes exercise more effective and allows people to reach their goals quicker.

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No longer do you have to attend the gym to head solely to a boxercise, circuits or Zumba class led by an instructor. Gyms are trialing robotic and machine led spin classes to control the pace and motivation of a class full of eager cycle fanatics. These machines can assess how hard individuals in the class are working and tailor their workout accordingly using the data they pick up from the static cycles that are being used. It may all sound a little big brother. However no personal or sensitive data is needed, and these robots can alert a human instructor immediately should the safety of an attendee be at risk.

Gyms are welcoming technological advancements with open arms and continue to develop their ability to provide the best workout experiences for people no matter what their ability levels are or how motivated they might (or might not) be.

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