What Do You Truly Need To Begin Weightlifting Well?


Weightlifting is something that men and women alike are obsessed with. More and more people are realizing that using machine workout circuits in the modern health club yields no progress, and can actually impede the system of how your body is designed to work. There simply will never be a training tool as efficient or worthwhile as the ergonomic barbell, and some clean, balanced plate weights on either end. That being said, this isn’t the only equipment you need to begin your weightlifting journey well. This guide should help you if you’re any wonder as to what equipment you do need.

After all, willpower alone is not always enough to keep us along a journey. Sometimes it takes practical planning.

Weightlifting Shoes

It’s incredibly important to have sturdy, rock solid platform shoes for lifting. There are fantastic varieties sold by both Nike and Adidas, and other dedicated weightlifting brands. Check for shoes that are well made, have solid and flat soles, and fit your feet so little movement can take place. After all, it’s best to have solid ankle and foot support, as well as having a completely rock solid and balanced balance point when you have 225lb’s on your back for a heavy low-bar squat.

This is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have, almost an absolute requirement. When you learn your lifting form, particularly with free weights, every piece of body anthropometry is important. If your balance point is affected by bad shoes, then your entire cognitive understanding of your form is slightly off. These are also some of the most expensive pieces of equipment you can use. However, they are so critical that even taking out a guaranteed personal loan to fund it could be a worthwhile consideration.

Correct Supplements

There’s no need to waste money on the ‘best supplements’ from the beginning. Your body will react to weightlifting very positively, and growth will occur at a rate you’d be surprised by. Of course, this comes with the caveat that you are eating correctly, and at a caloric excess (preferably 500 more than your daily maintenance.) Supplements can help you grapple with this new excess in diet and training stress. We’d recommend using no more or less than whey isolate protein powder (one or two shakes a day, starting small to allow your stomach time to get used to them), one good quality multivitamin, a fish oil tablet, and Vitamin D. This should be enough. This should all run you no more than around $60 depending on the weight and quality of whey isolate you purchase.

The Right Gym

You need the right gym in order to gain access to the equipment and use it correctly. This is not as easy as simply joining your nearest club. You need to look for clubs that offer both free weights and cardio equipment. You need a gym in which the personal trainers offer free safety tutorials if you’re a beginner. You should ideally be able to bring your own chalk so long as you clean up after yourself and are a respectful member. Try to avoid gyms that are overly commercialized, as they often limit you to many rules regarding times of training and they may schedule equipment off for clients of the PT’s. Look around all gyms in your local area. If you’re greeted well, see others working out relatively unimpeded, and the equipment seems well maintained and clean, you could be on to a winner.

With these tips, you’ll likely enjoy a fantastic weightlifting journey.

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