5 Tips For Creating A Must-Read Fitness Blog

Interested in blogging about fitness? You’re not alone. Alongside blogs about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, fitness is one of the most popular blog topics. Fitness blogging is a great way to share your ideas and offer advice, as well as serve as something to keep you motivated.

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With so many other fitness blogs out there, how can you get people to read yours? Learn how to create a must-read fitness blog with these fives steps.

1. Find something that makes you stand out

The range of fitness blogs available online is huge, so what’s going to make you stand out? If you have an impressive weight loss journey, you’ve developed some top training techniques or anything that sets you apart then help use your story to connect with readers. Start brainstorming ideas for what will make your blog different to the rest and use your ideas as the basis for your content.

2. Choose a great design

Like fashion blogs, fitness blogs need to look good to make a good impression on the reader. Choosing the right blog design is important, so remember to keep it stylish and clean to make it look the part as well as being easy to read. You can hire yourself a web designer to help create your page, or you can get started yourself with a WordPress account and a theme.

3. Mix up your content

There is a lot of potential for the type of content you can include on your fitness blog. From videos and photos to useful training plans and recipe advice, you can have an interesting and diverse blog that offers value to the reader. As you get more comfortable with your blogging platform, you can add more interactive elements by learning javascript to help you implement more exciting website features. Design a content plan so that you know what you’re going to post and when and to help make it easier for you to keep your content consistent.

4. Promote it

It’s all well and good having a well-written blog, but you’re going to need a good strategy to promote it if you want people to read it. Use social media to your advantage by creating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts to help promote your posts. Research how to find your target social media audience and start thinking of creative ways you can reach them.

5. Be consistent

A blog takes a lot of work to become a success, so make sure you keep it consistent. Start off by posting once a week to help you get into the habit of blogging, increasing to 2-3 times a week as you grow your audience. Make sure that the content you put out there is quality content and don’t write for the sake of it. Spend time researching ideas and keep a list of articles you can write whenever you’re short of inspiration.

Becoming a successful fitness blogger can be done if you have the passion and commitment to really make a go of it. Get inspiration from TOWIE star Jess Wright, who’s started her own fitness business that’s getting a big boost thanks to the power of social media. Get started with your own must-read fitness blog – you never know where it could lead you!

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