Michael Wood Fitness offers premium coaching services, both web-based and in-home. The foundation of this coaching philosophy includes the 6-step nutrition and exercise program called the TBC30 Plan. The 30-day plan, developed by nationally recognized fitness expert, Michael Wood, CSCS, is based on his coaching experience covering three decades in the fitness industry. He’s leveraged that experience and knowledge to bring you his coaching philosophy that focuses on changing mindset and implementing specific science-based nutrition and exercise strategies that are validated by results. His coaching services are now available to you, online, in-home or involving a combination of both. 

Photo Credit: Koko FitClub. Coaching at Koko FitClub World Headquarters, Rockland, MA.
"I would recommend his services without reservation."
Maria Fiatarone-Singh, MD
University of Sydney
"One of the very best trainer I have ever worked with."
Ronnen Roubenoff, MD, Ph.D
Former Head of NEPS Lab, USDA HNRC on Aging at Tufts University
"An invaluable resource for the programs in our book."
JoAnn Manson, MD
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Author, The 30-Minute Fitness Solution