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Photo Credit: Michael Wood coaching at Koko FitClub World Headquarters

There are a plethora of diet and fitness programs that you can choose from if you’re looking to improve your health and fitness. But how do you know if the company, coach and exercise program are all reputable? Most importantly, what type of background and experience does the coach your thinking of working with have? When you work with Michael Wood, CSCS, you get a coach that is a certified strength & conditioning specialist with 30-years of coaching experience. Michael has worked with some of the biggest names in the medical, academic, athletic and entertainment industries over the course of his career (for a full Bio see here).  He is now bringing that wealth of experience to you online with Michael Wood Fitness.

At MWF, we take more of a holistic approach when trying to improve your health and fitness by first performing an initial assessment that looks at the needs of the “whole” person. Secondly, we develop short and long-term goals for each individual in terms of their training program, nutritional intake, mobility issues, sleep and recovery needs. Finally, we develop a customized TBC30 Plan based off the needs for each individual client. It’s not some one-size fits all cookie-cutter approach.

It’s not just about having you do more strength training and cardio. Let me ask you…how’s that been working for you so far? It’s not about working with a trainer who has you do what they do for their workouts or have you eat what they love to eat. Trying to improve your health and fitness is not about doing what’s hot or trendy this month, it’s about a sustainable lifestyle. If you’re not getting results you’re wasting both your time and money!

Changing your mindset and behavior regarding exercise, nutrition, mobility, and recovery are paramount to your success and we’ll educate you on the importance of each of these and more.

For more information check out our Facebook page, call us at 508-369-5430 or email us at woodspg@gmail.com – We look forward to having the opportunity to change your life!

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